Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The October Surprise

Are you ready for the surprise if Romney wins the nomination.  If you do not think the below would ever happen, then you may not have a full understanding of what the MSM and our current president will do to win this upcoming election.  Granted, it is hypothetical.  However, the facts stated are all found in LDS literature.

The Mitt Romney Interview:

Lauer:  Good morning Gov. Romney!  How are things on the campaign trail going for you since the last poll has you and the President neck and neck

Romney:  Matt, thanks for having me.  We have had a great time on the trail and I am looking forward to the election.

Lauer:  I want to clear a couple things up with you before we get to the economy of our nation.  Now, you were or are a bishop in the Mormon church, correct?

Romney:  Yes, but what does that have to do with jobs and our national debt.

Lauer:  I was wondering, is there a way you can assure us that the president and twelve apostles of your church will not have a direct line to the White House?

Romney:  Now Matt, being Governor of Massachusetts, I can assure you that they never called me or influenced the way that I had govern Mass, and I do not see that being carried forward.

Lauer:  You are aware though that there is a difference of being a governor than president.  Anyways, isn’t true that Mormons look on our Constitution as a divine document.

Romney:  Uh…uhmm, I don’t know, not sure on why that really matters anyway.

Lauer:  Isn’t it true that Mormons look on the US Constitution just like the Book of Mormon?  Ezra Taft Benson in an article entitled, “Our Divine Constitution,” found in your magazine or newsletter Ensign, Nov 1987 stated that our constitution is divine.  Is that not correct.

Romney:  I suppose so, but I don’t recall that article that you reference.  I will have to check into that.

Lauer:  Wasn’t there a time when the Mormon church did not allow African-Americans to become Mormons because it was taught that their dark skin demonstrated that they were cursed by God for siding with Satan?

Romney:  Now wait one moment, there was no teaching that prevented African-Americans from being Mormons, that is a bald face lie.

Lauer:  But right here (Pearl of Great Price. Moses 7:8) it states that those of darker skin is not allowed to be a part of the priesthood. 

Romney:  That is different than being allowed to become a Mormon.  It was all just a myth or a misunderstanding that was cleared up.  

Lauer:  A hundred-thirty year misunderstanding?  According to research, on June 8th, 1978, Mormon Church President Spencer W. Kimball, claims to receive a Revelation which grants the Priesthood to all worthy males "regardless of race or color".  My question is, if a president of the Mormon church can receive divine revelation in correcting doctrine and the Constitution is a part of that doctrine, isn’t it possible for you to receive a call from your church telling you of a new revelation in understanding our constitution?  

And this will be where Romney gets up knowing that he just gave the presidency to Obama for another four years.

Edit for clarification purpose as to where "here" is in Lauer's comment to distinguish that the reference is not the Book of Mormon